How to use the rowing machine accurately? Rowing machine workout plan for the first time

Rowing  machine (Indoor rower) needs learning and technique-that is to say, it is gathering the nerval muscle. We should learn to exert our arms and legs to achieve goals.Rowing is sitting on the cushion of the skidway and taking the handle. Then swinging our bodies. However, we should make it efficiently. It is benefical to the functional action. Rowing is a changeable process. In other words, you should catch the handle, quicken and reduce the speeds and change the direction twice. In addition to, overcoming the inertia is also important. Each time that you use power and have a rest is a intermittent exercise. Meanwhile, the short rest and pressing explosive effort can take shape the long time rowing exercise. It is not only using as the exercise for a short distance, but also take aerobic exercise for a long time. As we all can see the benefits about changeable resistance is  that you can use the rowing machine whenever how old are you. The heavier power you use, the heavier resistance. You are impossible to surpass the resistance of the rowing machine.

There are 12 tips which can help you use the rowing machine exactly. If you follow these tips, you will get efficiently progress and it will reduce the injuriesand increas happiness. So let we do it together.

1. Don’t catch the handle too tightly

Don’t catch the handle of rowing handle too tightly. And you should only ensure your two hands not too slight. Only stretching your forearms and keeping the palms relaxing and taking the handles.

2. Imagine you are doing the squat

Understand the right squat. Otherwise, stop doing it.

3. The correct sequences of using power

The legs.buttocks and two arms. That is the right sequences. Then you will be low efficient if you disobey it.

4. Make your strength horizontally backward

If your buttocks leave the chair and even you fall down into thetrack, you willuse the wrong  direction.

5. Don’t move your buttocks lonely

Keep your back and legs as same angle when your legs move backward. Except that you should move the handle and chair at the same time. In addition to, make your legs take chairs moving backward and your arms catch the handles moving backward.

6. Don’t hurl your arms

Please keep your arms straight when use your legs. Don’t raise them and deploythem. You should fasten yourarms.

7. Pull the handles towards your ribs

For female, you can pull them to your bra. For male, you can imagine that you wear a bra.

8. Tighten your back

Chesting out, straighting back, slackening the shoulders. Don’t roll up together and keep right posture and spontaneous breathe.

9. Make your upper part of the body like a hour hand

Move your legs backward and let your body points the 1pm. direction. Then your legs turn back, and your headturn back to 1pm.

10. Don’t wind your knees swiftly

Use power backward until straight the legs, straight the knees wholely. Then straight the back and pull the handle to your rib until to the chest. Keep the upper past of the body as before posture.

11. Don’t put the heel on the chairs

Keep you shank on the floor uprightly.

12. Keep normal breathe and rhythm

During the rowing exercise, only keep the stable rhythm can you make effective exercise. For that, Imagine that you are navigating on the ocean, the gentle rhythm can make you move faster. If you accelerate too fast, the high wave will make you shipwreck. Listen to the music and enjoy it as if you would navigate on the sea. The cold wind with harmonious rhythm, then you are the master. If you can achievethis goal, it will make you happy.

If you are a freshman, there is a exercise plan for you.

1. Rowing exercise for the first time

Don’t attempt that you can row 30minutes. We suggest that you can do it for 30minutes. We suggest that you can do it for 3 to 5minutes. And then have a rest. If you feel ok, then do it for fourth.

2. Rowing exercise for second time

Start to use some rowing rate and strength. The rowing rate is the rhythm of rowing per minutes now that it show on the right corner of the capacity detector. The strength is your force. It represent on the central part and include different choices. The watt, calorie part or rowing rhythm. Try to use different rowing rate and rhythm. Do 3minutes exercise. There are some details.

Rowing 3minutes and do it 20 times perminute. Using power lightly. Then have a rest for 1 minute.

Rowing 3 minutes and do it 22 times per minute. Using more power. Then have a rest for 1 minute.

Rowing 3 minutes and do it 24 times per minute. Using power lightly. Then have a rest for 1 minute.

Rowing 3 minutes and do it 24 times per minute. Using more power. Then have a rest for 3 minutes.

Then rowing 10 minutes stablely according to the comfortable speed and force. At last, you can have a rest for some time.

3. Rowing exercise for third time

keep rowing for longer time and change your rhythm. Do five minutes of exercise for four times. Following as next sequence.

Rowing 20minutes per minute at first two minutes.

Rowing 22 minutes per minute at next two minutes.

Rowing 24 minutes per minute at last one minute.

Rowing 20 minutes lightly and prepare exercise for next 5 minutes. Your rhythm should be faster than before.

4. Rowing exercise for fouth times

Keep long stable rowing exercise. Do exercise for 10 minutes and repeat it. Have a rest for 3 minutes. Keep the rhythm with 20 to 24minutes per minute.

5. Rowing exercise for fifth times

Rowing 1 minute with strong force then lightly and change it for 20 minutes. During your exercise. You can observe the detector. It show your rhythm and keep your rhythm on it.

There are all rowing machine workout plan for freshmen. I hope that it can help you. Please remember that only you insist it can you get success.


To death or to live? Depend on your health!

rowing-machine-make-live-healthAs a young people. I had a pain in the past, though l was so young, I was in poor health which ifluenced me a lot. Becase of that i can ‘t work or life normally, so I try to have a new life, to improve my physical attribute. I’d like to show my experience to you.

I am thin and I also have a bad habbit. I never eat meats, never do sports. When I growen up my mother want me more haelthy. She told me: If you never do sports and eat a little, you will become ill. I don’t trust her, I think I am right. so I go on my life style until one day I get a serious illness.

At schooldays I am afraid of P.E class, I hate it. At the end of class, the teacher let our have a run. We do it, I also run with them. But I fall in a faint, and then I know nothing. When I wake up, my mother told me I get sick, I know the things I did was wrong. Now I must take some medicine, stay the hospital for a long time. I know I must change my life. After a month I go home. I set about to make a plan for myself.

The first one I think I should eat more, and eat more balance. I eat some meat every day and still eatsome vegetable or fruits, doctors told me take a protein supplement may help stabilise blood sugars, my body will become more strong.

When the doctor know l hate do sports, she told me l must do something for myself, do sports will benefit for our life, we will become young, emergetic, like a new life. So l have two ways to exercise. One way is l should run every day. l am a student, so l choose to run to school and run to my home after school. But it is not enough, l just run one hour every day. So l have the other way to exercise, the doctor told me rowing machine review is the best way to improve our body.  When the time gose to by, my body will become more strong. Rowing machine review let me havet a new life style. l found l sleep well after use rowing machine, and when l at school l find l work well, and l am more strong, l feel l become healthy. It is incredible, rowing machine review really help me a lot. After a year l recovery. Until now l still hold on my way, to run, to use rowing machine review.

This is my experience of my body health. Those ways let me become strong when I was young. Now l like meats, vegetables, fruits and rowing machine review. Those way benefit me a lot.



To live with a healthy life

Would you like a man who are stronger than you, and they have a muscle but you don’t. Every one are jealous of someone like them. So how about go to the gym to work out. The important reason why we want to be stronger is to become more health.

We both are not interested in do sports, because it’s very boring, we have to know that do many sports will benefit us more. And with the time gose to by, our physiological function decline and organ aging, so we must Increases my body resistance.


There are three ways to live with a healthy life. The first one is to eat more food like vegetable not meat or fried food. we must try to stop eat too much food before we go to bed. It’s reportered that if we do it our tummy will not bear the food and dyspepsia will intertwine us. So we must learn to eat balanced food. For example we can eat one apple or one banana to improve our life more health.

The second one is to live with a happy life, we both know that happiness is the importantest things for us. Every day before we weak up, we must face everything, like people,  work and study. Good state of mind will makes us happy, you will find you love life, love yourself, love your family and friends. Experimental results show if us have a happy life, we will live for a long time. If you enjoy your life, do it right now, you will find a new one, its different from you.

The last one, there is a good way to have physical training, it named rowing machine.Because it suitable for all kinds of people, whatever you are a young people or old people. Do sports can exercise our muscle, and expel toxin. Try your best to do sports every day, two hours are enough, and we should hold on. Whenever you have a exercise will not affect you. Do sports can let us sleep well, relieve the pressure. One years later you will find you are flushing complexion. So why not to have a rowing machine to benefit our body.

Now more and more people want a healthy life. We must to do something for us. Nothing is impossible if you put your heart in to it. A healthy life depends yourself. Rowing machine, happy life, balanced diet will benefit your life.

The History of Rowing Machine

In 1968 the first single cylinder hydraulic rowing machine in the world was invented by Tunturi form Finland in Northern Europe. The birth of it made boat race from the outdoors into the interior, which means people are beginning to accept the rowing machine at home. Then in 1975, Tunturi invented the first rowing machine with electronic watch in the world. That is one of the many innovations developed by him in the world, and pointed out the direction of the development of rowing machine for the future direction. Motion strength detection by monitoring heart rate and scientific fitness have become a popular idea, and the heart rate fitness have become one of the important fitness specifications, too. Some people may ask why it is so important. The heart rate is the feedback information of the human body when people engage in sports. People can achieve weight losing goal and avoid the body damage caused by the transition easily, if control their heart rate in a reasonable target range. Perhaps more importantly, sports may exercise cardio-pulmonary function, moreover reduce the incidence of every disease also. Therefore, Tunturi invented the first heart rate monitor rowing machine in the world in 1985. He installed the heart rate monitor in the rowing machine. As soon as it was invented, the rowing machine had a big circulation in Europe, especially in Germany. This rowing machine is the beginning of the domestic water resistance rowing machine. There are four types:

  1. The wind resistancerowing machine: the principle of it is to set different resistance levels by using a spirals damper to control the air flow. The user can choose smooth fast or gravity slow according to their conditions.
  2. The hydraulic pistonrowing machine:the principle of it is to adjust the hands different resistance and the slice is the shortest, and the users can piston resistance.
  3. The magnetic resistancerowing machine: the principleof it is the electromagnetic brake system, zero friction, almost silent. The slice is longer, so the resistance can be set.
  4. The water resistancerowing machine: the principleof it is the water resistance caused by the rotation of a paddle in a closed water tank. The users can hear the rushing sound of water, more sense of reality.

The rowing machine is derived from rowing which has a long history. In rowing, the rower sits against the direction of the boat, and with his back toward the finishing line. The rowing can trace its history to the Slave Ship in Ancient Egypt and dragon boat in China. The earliest record of formal rowing can be found from the rower in Thames in 1700. Until 1829, the first rowing competition was hold between Oxford and Cambridge, and it has been going on now. However, weather condition is so important for rowing. The exercise and play always are stopped due to the lake ice, so the indoor rowing was born. Recent years, the indoor rowing (also known as land rowing) has developed into a very popular sport, and become an independent event, and the number of participants is also rising. The technical action of indoor rowing and rowing are the same, the good endurance, explosive power and willpowers are all necessary. The rowers always have strong muscles and beautiful figure. The benefits of rowing are numerous and it’s full of the enjoyment and the challenge, so many schools and gyms have imported indoor rowing machines. Now the indoor rowing machine competition has become a professional game.