The History of Rowing Machine

In 1968 the first single cylinder hydraulic rowing machine in the world was invented by Tunturi form Finland in Northern Europe. The birth of it made boat race from the outdoors into the interior, which means people are beginning to accept the rowing machine at home. Then in 1975, Tunturi invented the first rowing machine with electronic watch in the world. That is one of the many innovations developed by him in the world, and pointed out the direction of the development of rowing machine for the future direction. Motion strength detection by monitoring heart rate and scientific fitness have become a popular idea, and the heart rate fitness have become one of the important fitness specifications, too. Some people may ask why it is so important. The heart rate is the feedback information of the human body when people engage in sports. People can achieve weight losing goal and avoid the body damage caused by the transition easily, if control their heart rate in a reasonable target range. Perhaps more importantly, sports may exercise cardio-pulmonary function, moreover reduce the incidence of every disease also. Therefore, Tunturi invented the first heart rate monitor rowing machine in the world in 1985. He installed the heart rate monitor in the rowing machine. As soon as it was invented, the rowing machine had a big circulation in Europe, especially in Germany. This rowing machine is the beginning of the domestic water resistance rowing machine. There are four types:

  1. The wind resistancerowing machine: the principle of it is to set different resistance levels by using a spirals damper to control the air flow. The user can choose smooth fast or gravity slow according to their conditions.
  2. The hydraulic pistonrowing machine:the principle of it is to adjust the hands different resistance and the slice is the shortest, and the users can piston resistance.
  3. The magnetic resistancerowing machine: the principleof it is the electromagnetic brake system, zero friction, almost silent. The slice is longer, so the resistance can be set.
  4. The water resistancerowing machine: the principleof it is the water resistance caused by the rotation of a paddle in a closed water tank. The users can hear the rushing sound of water, more sense of reality.

The rowing machine is derived from rowing which has a long history. In rowing, the rower sits against the direction of the boat, and with his back toward the finishing line. The rowing can trace its history to the Slave Ship in Ancient Egypt and dragon boat in China. The earliest record of formal rowing can be found from the rower in Thames in 1700. Until 1829, the first rowing competition was hold between Oxford and Cambridge, and it has been going on now. However, weather condition is so important for rowing. The exercise and play always are stopped due to the lake ice, so the indoor rowing was born. Recent years, the indoor rowing (also known as land rowing) has developed into a very popular sport, and become an independent event, and the number of participants is also rising. The technical action of indoor rowing and rowing are the same, the good endurance, explosive power and willpowers are all necessary. The rowers always have strong muscles and beautiful figure. The benefits of rowing are numerous and it’s full of the enjoyment and the challenge, so many schools and gyms have imported indoor rowing machines. Now the indoor rowing machine competition has become a professional game.


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