To death or to live? Depend on your health!

rowing-machine-make-live-healthAs a young people. I had a pain in the past, though l was so young, I was in poor health which ifluenced me a lot. Becase of that i can ‘t work or life normally, so I try to have a new life, to improve my physical attribute. I’d like to show my experience to you.

I am thin and I also have a bad habbit. I never eat meats, never do sports. When I growen up my mother want me more haelthy. She told me: If you never do sports and eat a little, you will become ill. I don’t trust her, I think I am right. so I go on my life style until one day I get a serious illness.

At schooldays I am afraid of P.E class, I hate it. At the end of class, the teacher let our have a run. We do it, I also run with them. But I fall in a faint, and then I know nothing. When I wake up, my mother told me I get sick, I know the things I did was wrong. Now I must take some medicine, stay the hospital for a long time. I know I must change my life. After a month I go home. I set about to make a plan for myself.

The first one I think I should eat more, and eat more balance. I eat some meat every day and still eatsome vegetable or fruits, doctors told me take a protein supplement may help stabilise blood sugars, my body will become more strong.

When the doctor know l hate do sports, she told me l must do something for myself, do sports will benefit for our life, we will become young, emergetic, like a new life. So l have two ways to exercise. One way is l should run every day. l am a student, so l choose to run to school and run to my home after school. But it is not enough, l just run one hour every day. So l have the other way to exercise, the doctor told me rowing machine review is the best way to improve our body.  When the time gose to by, my body will become more strong. Rowing machine review let me havet a new life style. l found l sleep well after use rowing machine, and when l at school l find l work well, and l am more strong, l feel l become healthy. It is incredible, rowing machine review really help me a lot. After a year l recovery. Until now l still hold on my way, to run, to use rowing machine review.

This is my experience of my body health. Those ways let me become strong when I was young. Now l like meats, vegetables, fruits and rowing machine review. Those way benefit me a lot.



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