To live with a healthy life

Would you like a man who are stronger than you, and they have a muscle but you don’t. Every one are jealous of someone like them. So how about go to the gym to work out. The important reason why we want to be stronger is to become more health.

We both are not interested in do sports, because it’s very boring, we have to know that do many sports will benefit us more. And with the time gose to by, our physiological function decline and organ aging, so we must Increases my body resistance.


There are three ways to live with a healthy life. The first one is to eat more food like vegetable not meat or fried food. we must try to stop eat too much food before we go to bed. It’s reportered that if we do it our tummy will not bear the food and dyspepsia will intertwine us. So we must learn to eat balanced food. For example we can eat one apple or one banana to improve our life more health.

The second one is to live with a happy life, we both know that happiness is the importantest things for us. Every day before we weak up, we must face everything, like people,  work and study. Good state of mind will makes us happy, you will find you love life, love yourself, love your family and friends. Experimental results show if us have a happy life, we will live for a long time. If you enjoy your life, do it right now, you will find a new one, its different from you.

The last one, there is a good way to have physical training, it named rowing machine.Because it suitable for all kinds of people, whatever you are a young people or old people. Do sports can exercise our muscle, and expel toxin. Try your best to do sports every day, two hours are enough, and we should hold on. Whenever you have a exercise will not affect you. Do sports can let us sleep well, relieve the pressure. One years later you will find you are flushing complexion. So why not to have a rowing machine to benefit our body.

Now more and more people want a healthy life. We must to do something for us. Nothing is impossible if you put your heart in to it. A healthy life depends yourself. Rowing machine, happy life, balanced diet will benefit your life.

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